Rubber Seals for Grinding Mill Liner Bolts

Lister Rubber Seals for Grinding Mill Liner Bolts

Poly-Tek’s seals are made out of high-quality natural rubber designed to handle the most difficult environment. Poly-Tek manufactures a variety of rubber seals for the mining and aggregate industry. This includes seals used for preventing seepage from a mill liner used grinding mills such as ball mills and rod mills. The Lister bolt and fastening system has been a ubiquitous presence in the mining industry for over a century. The system includes a liner bolt that fastens a liner to a mill shell. The threaded portion of the bolt extends through the shell and is fastened using a hex nut. Between the hex nut and the mill shell is a cup washer and a rubber seal that can extend through the mill shell. Poly-Tek manufacturers replacement rubber seals for Lister Liner Bolts and other liner bolts used to prevent leaks and seepage.

Lister regular seal vs repair seal

There are different types of seals used in a mill liner fastening system. As bolt holes age, the hole may begin to enlarge from the wear. For enlarged or elongated bolt holes, there are cone repair seals in diameters of 1″ through to 2″.  A repair seal includes a cone that extends through the grinding mill shell, whereas a regular seal does not have a cone. The cone can vary in length. For example, the repair seal cones come in lengths of 2 inches, 2 ¼ inches, and 3 inches. The length and diameter of the cone will depend upon the size of the bolt and the surrounding metal cup washer. The seals are available in a variety durometers and base polymers, for example, natural rubber durometer, EPDM rubber, or silicon for use in corrosive or high temperature applications.

Replacement Mill Liner Rubber Seal

Poly-Tek is a rubber manufacturing company, so you are dealing directly with the people who know rubber best. Poly-Tek’s mill liner rubber seals will last longer and eliminate seepage from the bolt holes. Contact us today at [email protected] or (510) 895-6001.