Tree Shaker Pads

Shaker Pads

Poly-Tek manufactures and sells a variety of rubber parts for nut industry. One of those parts is the shaker pad. Rubber tree shaker pads are used to shake the trunk of different types of trees including almond trees, pecan trees, walnut trees, pistachio trees, olive trees, cherry trees, etc.

Tree Shaker Pad
Tree Shaker Pad

Harvest season for almond farmers in the Northern hemisphere is from August to October. As almonds mature, the hulls start to split. When approximately 95% of the almonds in orchard have split, the trees are ready to be shaken. As a custom rubber manufacturer based in Northern California, we appreciate the joke as told by Jenny from the blog Almond Girl Jenny. She says that when the when almond trees are ready for shaking, farmers “shake the L out of them.” For those who are unfamiliar, folks in Northern California pronounce almond as “ah-mend,” dropping the L sound.

Almond grove
Almond Grove

A standard nut harvester includes two arms, one for each side of the tree row. Next, the two arms clamp together and lock onto a tree trunk. Finally, the tree is shaken for a few seconds so that nuts fall into a catch frame or onto the ground. For nut harvesters that use a catch frame, the nuts that fall into the catch frame move the nuts to a conveyor at the base of the frame. The nuts are then transported to the back of the nut harvester. For nuts such as almonds, the nuts fall to the ground and dry in their shells for next 1-2 weeks. Next, the dried nuts are then collected using a nut sweeper machine using sweeper fingers.

Rubber Shaker Pads for Nut Trees

There are many different styles of shaker pads including pillow pads and solid rubber pads. Poly-Tek’s nut shaker pads and slings set the industry standard for tree shaker parts. Our shaker pads maximize the shaking energy of the shaking head without damaging the tree trunk. Our shaker pads last longer and cost you less. For pricing and quotes on all your replacement shaker pad needs or any other agricultural part needs, please email [email protected] or call 510-895-6001.