Recycling stars and discs

Committed to a greener future, Poly-Tek supplies the recycling industry with a wide array of parts. Originally designed for the agricultural industry, rubber stars are used to sort different sized material according to the size of openings between stars. Most prominently we supply replacement recycling stars for machine sorters such as Machinex, Green Machine, and Bulk Handling Systems. We make replacement rubber stars for all types of screening machinery. We also make replacement polyurethane versions of all stars and discs. We are committed to our customers in supplying them a quality product at an affordable price. Our stars and discs are made from a tried & true natural rubber compound that’s sure to wear longer than the competition. Further, we’re able to leverage this expert compound and supply various spacers and complements to other processes within the Material Recycling Facility (MRF). Likewise, we supply C&D recycling lines with custom-made discs and stars. We remain committed to lowering costs to our customers for recycling discs while maintaining superior wear standards.

Example list of recycling products:

  • Machinex style recycling stars
  • BHS style recycling stars
  • Green Machine style recycling stars

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