Custom Rubber Molding

Custom rubber molding is a complicated process with many potential variations, and it is what Poly-Tek specializes in. Poly-Tek can custom mold rubber parts for for high-volume applications or for several moderate-volume applications with identical materials. Injection molding of custom rubber parts offers the best process control set-up of any molding technique. Its material handling sets the stage for automation. Our machines utilize cold runner molds as part of an insulated delivery system that yields a very cost-competitive process that cannot be matched by other rubber molding techniques.

Engineered Customization

Poly-Tek will begin the process by first reviewing the product specifications, desired quantity, and application. From there, we can assist in a wide range of ways from engineering to material compounding in order to see your product become a reality.

Custom Polyurethane Molding

We can also custom mold polyurethane according to your specification. There are two main types of  polyurethane used today: polyester based and polyether based  products. Polyurethanes posses the best tear strength of any rubber and have excellent wear and abrasion resistance. Polyurethane applications include: sheets, wheels and casters, grommets, sorting discs and stars, polyurethane doffers, polyurethane scraper blades

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