Polyurethane No Crush Rollers

The Strength and Versatility of No Crush Rollers

The answer with several different names—zero crush rollers, spacer wheels, hold-down wheels, soft touch wheels, just to name a few—but no matter which term you choose, you’ll be getting no crush rollers made from cast polyurethane, which can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications that include:

• Material handling
• Corrugated cardboard manufacturing
• Printing
• Textile manufacturing
• Product labeling
• Bottling

This is not an all-inclusive list. No crush rollers are appropriate for any use in which a flexible roller is required to protect a product, part, or component. So as you’ve probably already surmised, the term “no crush” does not refer to the rollers themselves—they are pliable and flexible—but to the items that they are designed to protect from damage as they are passing over or under the rollers on a conveyor line, for instance.

What makes no crush rollers so unique?

Unlike solid urethane rollers, holes and spaces provide no crush rollers with the flexibility to be able to move the product along without marring it. They can apply consistent pressure while affording shock absorption and cushioning.

Vanes, those areas of urethane that separate the spaces in the roller, can be designed to ensure that the roller flexes to a customer’s requirements. By adjusting the number of vanes–along with their thickness, length, shape, and angle—the roller can be matched to the part it will be moving.

The vanes also contribute to the longevity of the no crush rollers. All of the flexing that is produced because of the vanes reduces fatigue and minimizes premature failure. And because they can be custom manufactured, no crush rollers are available in just about any size or shape.

Who uses no crush rollers?

The corrugated packaging industry uses no crush rollers in various functions that include feeding, hold down, printing, and coating. The unique design of the rollers allows them to absorb uneven surfaces and provide the necessary traction whether they are being pushed or pulled. They have excellent axial stability and strength, which is possible because the rollers for each of these applications can be manufactured specifically for them. The same holds true for rollers used in the furniture and wood industries.

No crush rollers are utilized as spacing wheels in the bottling industry. And their uses can expand to include transfer section rollers, hold downs, and feed rolls. They also have various functions in mailroom, packaging, and labeling equipment. And these urethane rollers come with physical properties such as wear, abrasion, chemical, and corrosion resistance.

You have lots of choices with these rollers

No crush wheels and rollers work in countless applications and industries, and they are available in a range of sizes that typically goes from 2.5” to 6” outside diameter but can be much larger.  Common bore sizes range from .250” to 1.00” inside diameter although they can be manufactured in custom bore sizes that include Metric diameters.

With all of the size, shape, and hardness choices that are offered, no crush rollers can lay claim to being one of the most versatile products available to manufacturers.

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