Polyurethane Gaskets

There are Many Reasons to Choose Polyurethane Gaskets

Polyurethane is part of a group of polymers known as elastomers. Made up of organic units that are chained together by urethane links, polyurethane is resilient, which gives it excellent load-bearing properties. Add to that exceptional abrasion, tear, and solvent resistance, and you have the ideal material from which to manufacture gaskets.

Polyurethane gaskets provide exceptional bonding capabilities, strong weather resistance, and extremely slow degradation. These gaskets will be resistant to moderate chemicals, oils, hydrocarbons, greases, fats, and ozone. Since it has such a low-temperature limit (-50 degrees Fahrenheit), gaskets manufactured from polyurethane are typically used in the coldest environments because the material doesn’t get brittle or crack when it’s frozen.

Polyurethane gaskets are abrasion resistant

Polyurethane gaskets have abrasion resistance that is rated ten times better than other materials. And they can protect against wear even in very low temperatures. As a matter of fact, no metals, plastics, or other forms of elastomers have better abrasion resistance than polyurethane.

They can withstand greater loads

Polyurethane gaskets can take on bigger loads than rubber because they are harder. But they are also more flexible than plastics, which accounts for their strength and give them an unmatched ability to resist impact and absorb shock. Their resiliency, or ability to recover quickly, gives them their well-deserved reputation as a tough material.

They resist the effects of oil and chemicals

In addition to their ability to resist abrasion, polyurethane gaskets are capable of withstanding oil and chemicals. This quality allows them to remain stable in water, oil, and other liquids, making them ideal for sub-sea use.

Unmatched versatility

Polyurethane gaskets are available for a wide variety of industries and applications. Considering all of its characteristics that provide benefits in almost every industry, it’s the right choice to outperform all other materials.

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