Chicken Plucker Fingers

Poly-Tek proudly manufactures chicken plucker fingers in the USA. We design and supply chicken plucker fingers for automatic defeathering machines as well as similar applications in the Ag industry for finger sweeping and nut harvesting fingers. We make 25 different varieties of rubber plucker fingers. We can make the finger pluckers in any hardness. We have been designing and manufacturing our highly durable rubber plucking fingers for companies throughout the United States and the world. Poly-Tek can custom mold any shape or size chicken plucker finger to meet the specification application. As a leading supplier of disc plucker fingers, hock plucker fingers, and other rubber fingers for chicken pluckers, we can meet your short lead times and deliver optimized feather plucker fingers as you need them. In addition, we manufacture a variety of other rubber and polyurethane poultry processing parts.

For pricing and quotes please email [email protected] or call  510-895-6001.

chicken plucker finger rubber

Example list of parts:

  • Chicken plucker fingers
  • Meyn plucking fingers
  • Marel plucking fingers
  • Nut harvester fingers
  • Straddle picker fingers


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