Elastomers… It’s What We Do

At Poly-Tek, Elastomers, commonly referred to as Rubber, holds a special place in our range of skill sets and manufacturing materials. We think of Elastomers as a polymer enhanced with both viscoelasticity and elasticity, or a useful resiliency in response to applied stress, strain, and temperature. Because of that innate ability to be stretched, bent, twisted and compressed beyond its original shape, and then return back to form, Rubber, or Elastomer, is an ideal material for countless products requiring flexibility and durability.

Poly-Tek is an recognized expert in the manufacturing of Elastomers. From our vast experience, we have the ability to work with customers on material choices, design improvements, and mold size recommendations..

Established Longevity

Our longstanding work in the elastomer industry has allowed us to amass a breadth of knowledge, contacts, relationships, and connections that is unparalleled. We leverage this experience into making great products at great prices.

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