Polyurethane Impact Bars

Polyurethane Impact Bars Reduce Conveyor Belt and Bed Costs

Conveyor systems in mines and quarries take a brutal beating. Material that’s dropped from an upper feeding belt can strike the impact bed with tremendous force, so it’s essential that operators have something in place to cushion and absorb this collision with their equipment.

Polyurethane impact bars are made to do just that. Poly-Tek manufactures the bars designed to prevent belt damage and offer much-needed impact and wear resistance. Without the help of these bars, maintenance expenses for both the bed and the belt would be substantially higher.

Why polyurethane?

In the past, engineers have typically specified impact bars made of rubber and plastic (usually UHMW) because of their durability. Today, however, polyurethane is the material of choice because it holds up under the most high-wear, abrasive, and high-impact applications—namely, conveyor systems.

Polyurethanes give mining and quarry managers the best of both worlds: the durability of high-tech plastics and the resiliency and flexibility of rubber. And, in test after test, urethane shows 24% less rebound than rubber, which is critical in the conveyor’s impact zone as it can eliminate, or at least cut down on, fugitive material.

Also, polyurethane impact bars are lightweight and easier to handle, and, unlike plastics, they won’t crack under stress or extremes in temperature.

Types of Impact Bars

Polyurethane impact bars are typically distributed in two types: solid and bonded. The solid bars are totally constructed of high-quality urethane or with aluminum ‘T’-channel reinforced bar design. Manufacturers of the design claim it offers excellent belt support, lasts longer, and decreases impact bed maintenance.

With the other type, a ¾ “top layer of UHMW is bonded to the energy-absorbing polyurethane. Both layers are then secured to an engineered extruded aluminum insert for better support. Proponents of this style indicate that it reduces rebound while increasing wear life.

Both designs have been engineered to fit most existing impact bed systems and are manufactured in standard lengths from 18″ up to 60″.

Polyurethane impact bars are an integral part of any conveyor system

High-performance polyurethane impact bars give any system increased shock absorption and low friction characteristics. This low-friction trait allows for a contact surface–a conveyor belt, for instance–to slide freely, resulting in less wear and tear and lower overall maintenance requirements.

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